User role switch via SOAP and REST api
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User role switch via SOAP and REST api


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CA Service Desk Manager


We would need to know if it is possible (and if so then how) to switch user role just like in service desk manager while using REST or SOAP api.

For example if we are able to login through external interface portal as specified role from all roles assigned to cotnact.




Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - WebServices


Unfortunately the answer to your question is no--any user would have one access type and that access type can have one Rest WS role and one SOAP WS role and if the user login to SDM web service, that is the role(only one role, so it is not possible to "switch"). It is a good idea to have multiple web service roles and allow end users to login and switch role as they do on web interface and as such, we would like you to submit an idea/enhancement from community web site

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