apm_bridge 1.06
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apm_bridge 1.06


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DX Operational Intelligence


The inventory data is not getting published into DOI. The following error message is in the apm_bridge.log file:

INFO  [ForkJoinPool-12-worker-1, apm_bridge] Ending APM Inventory Update for profile 0 / took 464412 ms to process
INFO  [APMInventoryService RUNNING, apm_bridge] Running APM Inventory Update
INFO  [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] reduceToCsIdGroupsMapFinal: getAllGroups: Inventory contains 11 groups
INFO  [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] Total Devices Fetches 6
INFO  [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] Total Devices6
INFO  [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] Total Groups11
INFO  [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] Inventory sent to APM for profile 0 : CS vertices: 17 / CI vertices: 0 and edges: 0
ERROR [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] Could not retrieve hosting edges from TAS. profile id: 0, host: https://apmservices-gateway.<defaultSubDomain> 
ERROR [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] Could not determine UIM or TAS devices to forward for profile 0 with origin gw90-uim-phb_hub. Exception: java.net.UnknownHostException: https
ERROR [ForkJoinPool-14-worker-1, apm_bridge] java.net.UnknownHostException: https
 at java.net.Inet6AddressImpl.lookupAllHostAddr(Native Method)
 at java.net.InetAddress$2.lookupAllHostAddr(InetAddress.java:929)

In the apm_bridge configuration http is used for the UIM hosts and https for the apmservices-gateway host.

      origin = <UIM host>
      edgeTtlInSec = 2592000
      token = 
      use_ssl = true
      port = 443
      host = https://apmservices-gateway.<defaultSubDomain>
      operatorConsoleHost = http://<UMP host>
      adminConsoleHost = http://<UIM host>
      vertexTtlInSec = 2592000
         use_ssl = true
         path = /apm/appmap/private/metricFeed/write
         host = https://apmservices-gateway.<defaultSubDomain>


  • Release: 21.3
  • Component: UIM, DX OI
  • UIM 20.33
  • uimapi 20.33HF2
  • apm_bridge 1.06


  • It is not necessary to add the https protocol to the OI URLs, there is a use_ssl property which helps to determine if http or https should be used.


In the apm_bridge.cfg, change from 

host = https://apmservices-gateway.<defaultSubDomain>


host = apmservices-gateway.<defaultSubDomain>

This appears twice so needs to be changed in both.


Another solution is as follows:

1. Deactivate the apm_bridge probe
2. Rename/delete cache & store folder within apm_bridge folder
3. Activate the probe