Delver - Reversioning database to 12.1
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Delver - Reversioning database to 12.1


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We are currently running CA Deliver release V14.0 with a version 12.1 Deliver database.

We will be versioning the database to V14.0 in the near future and need advisement on how to revert should we be required.

The current checkpoint is currently larger then 42 cylinders.

When reverting, we will use the RMODBASE MAKECKPT of release 12.1 to resize the checkpoint as described in the product documentation. 

It is understood that all data from the larger checkpoint is lost.

What will be the results of losing this data ? 





Release : 14.0

Component :


Here are the general instructions to revert a Deliver database to 12.1:

. Use the CA Deliver Release 14.0 RMODBASE utility to set the version of your CA Deliver database back to a CA Deliver Release 12.1 database.

. The format of the VERSION control statement is:  VERSION 12.1

. Use the CA Deliver Release 14.0 RMODBASE utility to OLOAD the Release 12.1 online panel library into your database.

 . Use the CA Deliver Release 14.0 RMODBASE utility to BLOAD the Release 12.1 banner page library to your database.

. If you modified any of the CA Deliver user exits, revert to your Release 12.1 versions of the exits.

. Change your JCL, Procs, and started task JCL to point to the Release 12.1 libraries.

. If the Release 14.0 load library was link listed, revert to the Release 12.1 link listed library.

Regarding the checkpoint file:

. Ensure that PTF RO72504 is on the Deliver 12.1 environment. 

. After VERSIONing the Deliver database back to r12.1:

. . Decrease the checkpoint file size to less than 42 cylinders by running RMODBASE MAKECKPT EMPTY. 

    -- or --

. . Delete the checkpoint file and reallocate a new checkpoint using RMODBASE. 


Either way, there will be an empty checkpoint file. 

The ramifications of emptying the checkpoint file will be the loss of valid data regarding bundles that are waiting for more reports and have not printed yet.