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What happened with Microsoft Word format after upgrading to DLP 15.8


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Data Loss Prevention


Since upgrading to 15.8 we see differences below. There is nothing like “Legacy Microsoft Word” mentioned in the 15.8 documentation.

What need to understand how policies will behave after migration and if we need to adjust something to keep same coverage in place.

Here is screen from version 15.1 Enforce Console which has Microsoft Word in the list: 

And here is the list in the version 15.8 Enforce console where we see something called Legacy Microsoft Word


Release : 15.8

Component : Enforce


In anticipation of the differences between the file type change the v15.8 migrator was updated to accommodate this.

The 15.8 migrator will take care of the file type change between 15.1 and 15.8; if the Office document was selected in 15.1, the scripts should select both the Legacy and OOXML check boxes for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in v15.8.

Of course, it would be recommended to double-check after upgrading to verify the policies look as expected.