sdgtw and ServiceNow integration
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sdgtw and ServiceNow integration


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We are trying to configure sdgtw (2.25) with ServiceNow (Quebec). Alarms from the sdgtw are not showing up in ServiceNow.


  • Release: 20.3
  • Component: sdgtw


The sdgtw probe will only create incidents for alarms that are assigned to the user configured in the sdgtw probe (administrator by default).

Activating a connection to the ServiceNow application in the sdgtw probe alone will not cause incidents to be created in ServiceNow, incidents needs to be assigned to a user.

You can create service desk rules in the sdgtw configuration, and route based on the "assigned_to" and value, then select the appropriate servicenow profile in the sdgtw configuration.

You can also assign a service desk incident to a particular group depending on the alarm severity: 

Please also check: 

Another option:

Use/activate nas Auto Operator profile that assigns alarms to the user configured in the sdgtw probe.

Check the sdgtw probe techdocs:

Especially check these two parameters:

  • CA UIM Users for Alarm Processing: specifies the users to whom the alarms are assigned. You can enter multiple users in a comma-delimited list. The probe creates a service desk incident only for alarms that are assigned to a user specified in this list. Leave this option blank to process alarms assigned to any user. Default: administrator
  • CA UIM User for Alarm Assignment: specifies the user to whom the alarm is assigned when the probe is unable to communicate with the service desk, hub, or the alarm server. Default: administrator

This assignment process will depend on how the AO profile is configured. For additional information on user access, check: