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Product authorization for RC/Update does not save options for a user.


Article ID: 229444


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RC/Update for DB2 for z/OS


Though the access for the RC/EDIT panel was tried to restrict in the Product Authorization panel, the RC/EDIT panel access wasn't able to be restricted.

Specifically, to restrict for access for the RC/EDIT panel for certain users, "N" was set for the “RC/EDIT” function in the Product Authorization panel. After setting of the “RC/EDIT” function to "N", the “RU682I Options added” message was confirmed. However, if the “RC/EDIT” function for those users is checked again after restricting of the RC/EDIT function and confirmation of the RU682I message, the set value "N" for the “RC/EDIT” function that have been supposed to be set have been changed "Y". Why is it?


Release : 20.0

Component : RC/Update for DB2 for z/OS


PTF #LU03437 has been published to resolve this problem.