emailgtw probe "HELO" string
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emailgtw probe "HELO" string


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


We cannot use our Data Center' open relay email server because the emailgtw probe sends out the HELO message with its hostname. 

We need to be able to set the HELO string manually to use the FQDN our server IP resolves back to.

Long story short, is reporting our Nimsoft server as BAD (poor reputation) because of this mismatch.

Is there a way to manipulate the HELO string sent out by the emailgtw probe to match the data in our SPF record?

Oct 25 12:37:39:294 emailgtw: test_smtp_login from 
Oct 25 12:37:39:299 emailgtw: [Trying IP address []] 
Oct 25 12:37:39:668 emailgtw: 220 ESMTP Postfix 
Oct 25 12:37:39:668 emailgtw: EHLO 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-PIPELINING 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-SIZE 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-VRFY 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-ETRN 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-STARTTLS 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250-8BITMIME 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: 250 DSN 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: (cmd_test_smtp_login) smtp_open succeeded 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: (cmd_test_smtp_login) no user specified, not testing authentication 
Oct 25 12:37:39:851 emailgtw: QUIT 
Oct 25 12:37:40:035 emailgtw: 221 2.0.0 Bye 

Hope you can help, this is VERY important (to be able to rely on email functioning properly).


Component : UIM - EMAILGTW


Cisco has an emailserver on the market called Talos, which will require the EHLO message sent out to match the FQDN returned by the pointer of your public IP. 

RFC5321 calls for it to be implemented like that.


Current workaround:

Customer installed Postfix to mediate between the emailgtw probe and the SMTP server, so they can set the outgoing EHLO to use the FQDN they registered.

As per Development/Engineering, the emailgtw probe is currently 'working as designed.'

The ability to manually set the HELO string to use the FQDN your server IP resolves back to is not currently supported.

This is considered an enhancement.

Please feel free to enter an enhancement request (Idea) for this to be added to the emailgtw probe. Note that once you enter the enhancement/idea, others can upvote the Idea.

You can add an Idea (enhancement request) by referencing this KB Article->

How to raise an enhancement request for UIM

Additional Information

Also, please feel free to contact your Account Rep regarding the business impact/urgency if you would like to try and get this prioritized on the UIM product roadmap.