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Gantt: Cannot stretch the column width for the task Start and Finish columns


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In the Classic UI Gantt view, you cannot visually/graphically stretch the column width for the task Start and Finish columns. You want to be able to adjust the widths of start and finish columns of the Gantt charts because when you go into the Tentative mode and are also looking at the before and after dates, those dates start running into each other and it is hard to read them (particularly if dates have double digits for month and day of the month).  Can these columns be unlocked to allow their width to be adjusted graphically?  Adjusting the width within the Object Task - Views window doesn't work, the columns are still fixed when you try adjusting them with the mouse. 


  1. Create a project in Classic Clarity
  2. Click on the Tasks tab and click on the Gantt from the Tasks tab dropdown
  3. Click the gear icon then options
  4. From the ‘List Column Section’, select Fields
  5. Click on the Properties icon for Finish
  6. Change the ‘Column Width’ from 60 to 100
  7. Click Save and Return then Save and Return again
  8. View the width of the Finish date column in the Gantt

Expected Results: The Finish date column width increases.

Actual Results: The Finish date column width does not increase, it remains the same size as the Start field.

If you change the alignment from center to left for the field, this doesn’t get reflected either. You are unable to manually expand the column width by dragging the header for the field.




Release : Any


This issue was reviewed and determined the issue will not be fixed. Reference Customer-Reported Defect Resolution Policy for more details. 

Workaround: Hover over the date cell to see the full value for the previous date