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Unable to create a folder at version Level or the below level while saving to ARD Hub from ARD Studio


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When a project Admin user is trying to save a flow to the ARD hub from ARD Designer,
They are clicking on the create project button on the same screen to try and create a version folder and they are getting an error message about permissions denied.


Working as designed


Release : 3.1
Component : Agile Requirements Designer - Other


This is expected behavior as Project Admin does not have the right to create new Projects.
From the save screen, currently, we do not have an option to create a new version folder only a new project.

If a project Admin would like to create a new version for a project this must be done BEFORE the same process.
The Project admin can take the following steps:
1) In ARD Studio go to the connectors tab
2) Click on the ARD Hub  Connector
3) in the right-hand pane window find the project
4) Right-click on an existing VERSION and choose the option to create a version.
5) Once this is done then the normal save procedure can be followed.