How to configure B4G to handle heavy loading
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How to configure B4G to handle heavy loading


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Tried to download 14755 elements in Endevor to test the performance using Azure and Endevor Bridge for Git. 

Launched the process at 00:22 20/11/2021 and on 21/11/2021 around 00:00 the process retrieved only 30% of all the elements. 

The test VDI got killed by a process around 03:30 21/11/2021. 

Tried to restart the process in Sunday morning and received the following message:

  • WARNING: The post-receive webhook was not triggered during initialization. Please check the webhook setup on the Git provider.





Release : 18.1

Component : BRIDGE FOR GIT


The warning message means that there was no connection between Azure and B4G for further processing of the push events. Needs to adjust Endevor web service configuration and B4G application.yml to handle the heavy loading test. 


Adjust Endevor Web Services STC pooling configuration. (increase poolMaxSize and set connectionTimeOut for heavy load transactions).

Specifies how many seconds a request waits for a free STC connection if all STC connections are in use. This feature is for use only with Version 2 of the REST API, and works only when STC pooling is turned on. If no STC connection becomes available in the specified time, an EWS1111E error message displays.
Values: 0-1200

Specifies the maximum number of live permanent and incremental STCs in the pool. The STC pool maintenance thread maintains up to this number of STCs in the pool. If the maximum numbers of STCs are fully utilized, incoming web service calls are rejected.
Values: 0-40


Update application.yml, add runner-mode: PARALLEL to job initialization. 




      runner-mode: PARALLEL

Additional Information

STC pooling configuration in Endevor.cfg