TMSH0031E TMC and Audit file are on the same volume.
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TMSH0031E TMC and Audit file are on the same volume.


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CA 1 Tape Management


Although the TMC and ADIT files are not on the same DASD volume the following message are displayed:

SYSPLEX:    BATEST    SYSTEM: C3                                     
START TIME: 11/24/2021 23:44:31.202168                               
Single Point of Failure Analysis for TMC and Audit                   
File   Data Set Name                                 Volume          
-----  --------------------------------------------  ------          
TMC    SYSSUP.TMS.TMC                                LSSST0          
Audit  SYSSUP.TMS.AUDIT                              LSSST1          

IOSPF352I Volumes LSSST0 (7208) with                                 
SYSSUP.TMS.TMC and LSSST1 (7103) with                                
SYSSUP.TMS.AUDIT share the same                                      
physical control unit.                                               
* Medium Severity Exception *                                        
TMSH0031E Your CA 1 Tape Management Catalog (TMC) and your Audit file
are on the same volume.  





Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The SO16131 represents the enhancement to enable IBM's IOSSPOF service. With this feature, any Single Point of Failure detected by IBM's service will be reported on.        

If a Single Point of Failure is detected, messages produced by the IOSSPOF   
service will be issued.                                                                                                                                
IOSPF352I Volumes vvvvvv (unit-addr) with                                    
BROADCOM.TMC and vvvvvv (unit-addr) with                                    
BROADCOM.AUDIT share the same                                                
physical control unit.                                                       

Single-Point-of-Failure is a service offered by IBM to identify if there is a single common piece of hardware that would affect access to two files. 

sample - If  a Control Unit is shared, and if the Control Unit fails for any reason then you would lose both the TMC and the Audit files. Which would then cause a LOSS of data until the Control-Unit is repaired. 

In parallel, the LU03509 Apar has been written  to permit to have a way  to be more granular in the verification.