process not auto-starting when updated via XOG
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process not auto-starting when updated via XOG


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have a process linked to the Task as the primary object.

The auto-start condition is a simple condition that compares the current value of a lookup attribute to its previous value.

When the field is updated manually on the UI, the process starts correctly. When the update is done via GEL/XOG, the same process does not auto-start.

Other processes with the same kind of condition on other objects like the project object start correctly when the update occurs on the UI or by XOG

This is only reproducible in only one environment, a pretty much similar environment does not show the same behaviour.


MSSQL dataset


Restart the Clarity services

Additional Information

This has also been seen with other objects like the cost plan object where the updates made via XOG do not trigger the auto-start process on updates.

It does somehow seem an environmental issue as it is not reproducible at will- Only services restart helps in this case. Flushing the Clarity caches is not helpful.