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UC_SMGR_LOGINS limited to 16 characters, Service Manager reports unknown error, error code '112'.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Attempting to start processes via administration perspective in the AWI when using a password in the servicemanager and then updating UC_SMGR_LOGINS with that password for either agents or Automation Engine processes (WPs, CPs, JWPs, JCPs) throws the error:

Service Manager reports unknown error, error code '112'.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open service manager dialog and connect to a service manager with an agent on it
2) Change the password for admin and read/execute to a password that is over 16 characters (doesn't matter if they're the same or not) - like 12345678901234567
3) Make sure the agent is stopped
4) Go to UC_SMGR_LOGINS in client 0 and put in a line for the agent, username doesn't matter, put in the 17 or more character password from step 2 above and save
5) Go to Administration perspective, right-click on the agent and choose start and confirm in popup that you'd like to start the agent

Expected behavior: 
Agent should start

Actual behavior:
Popup error shows:
Service Manager reports unknown error, error code '112'.


Release : 12.3



This behavior is as designed - there is a limit of 16 characters for smgr passwords used in UC_SMGR_LOGINS

Documentation has been updated to note that passwords in UC_SMGR_LOGINS are only allowed at 16 characters

Additional Information

Documentation has been updated to reflect this limitation:

"The password used in UC_SMGR_LOGINS can have a maximal length of 16 characters."