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Add count of totals for users consuming Securlet license to CloudSOC dashboard


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CASB Securlet SAAS CASB Securlet SAAS With DLP-CDS


Feature Request on Engineering Roadmap

Scope: Securlet/Data at Rest

The request is to Add a count of Totals for Users consuming Securlet license to a CloudSOC page (location is still being determined, such as Investigate (using filters) vs Securlet Dashboard).

Engineering is considering using the 'Scan Eligible User' field that exists for some Securlets (ex: GSuite, O365). This means not all Securlets may see this functionality added from the onset.

Regarding Gatelet/Data in Motion- this is not yet considered as the underlying mechanisms needed as well as data available may not be compatible. 


Customers would benefit from knowing how many users in their SaaS /Securlet subscriptions are being evaluated/scanned. 

Knowing the count of 'active/scan eligible users' can help customers determine if they should acquire additional Securlet licenses to help ensure they abide by their Broadcom Service Agreement.


This Feature Request is still in progress and although it is on Engineering's roadmap, there is no ETA. That being said, product management has reviewed and agreed to pursue the request.