Sending incorrect file
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Sending incorrect file


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XCOM Data Transport


Initiated  from XCOM z/VSE a TYPE=EXECUTE and TYPE=SCHEDULE transfer using the same file. The transfers were successful, but it didn't send the same file and amount of data in that file.


Release : 3.1

Component : XCOM Data Transport for z/VSE


The client found several causes for the problem they reported:

a. the files were defined as PERM and needed an operator intervention to reply to an outstanding message.

b. two other users were using the same file.


XCOM was not sending the incorrect file or amount of data. This was the result of how the files were defined to the system and multiple users using the same file for their multiple transfers. The client has changed the files to not be PERM and is making sure that the other users use their own files and not the file he was using.