No metrics from robot - spooler error code 78
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No metrics from robot - spooler error code 78


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After install a robot 9.33 with cdm and processes probes on a few AIX boxes, the robot appears in green in IM, but there are no metrics in OC.

Next message is seen in spooler logs

Nov 24 08:52:32:612 [0258] 0 spooler: nimSession - failed to connect session to <hub_ip_address>:48001, error code 78
Nov 24 09:07:17:512 [0001] 0 spooler: flushing is set to ON, hub=<hub_ip_address> port=48001

Additionally the spooler Flush status on these robots is "Not Connected"


  • Release: 20.3 or higher
  • Component: UIM - ROBOT_AIX


The error code 78 (Sockets Errors for AIX) means the connection failed due timeout.

As explained in the product documentation, the spooler uses port 48001. The spooler probe is a core component of the CA UIM robot that receives messages from CA UIM probes and delivers them to the parent hub. If the hub or the network is down, the spooler holds the messages until delivery conditions are met. 

This port must be enabled from the robot to the hub.

If the port is not open (hub), the spooler won't be able to connect to the parent hub to deliver the messages.



If it was already checked that the hub is running, to resolve the problem, you will need to make sure the TCP port 48001 is open on the hub, so the robot (spooler) be able to communicate with the hub.

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