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How to have a single agent connect to on Prem and Cloud instance of Autosys?


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We have the following scenario:
Two AutoSys servers with different versions, one in an on-premises Datacenter and one in the cloud.

We want the AutoSys agent from the on-premises data center to connect to both servers.
Currently, the agent is only connected to on-premises Autosys Server.

Can you please let us know what specific parameter is required and does the version matter for agent server communication? 



Release: 12.X

Componen : AGENT and AUTOSYS




Kindly make sure about the below points.

1. Make sure the communication between the Agent and the cloud instance is opened, including the Agent port.
2. And make sure the on-prem and cloud instances don't have the same instance name

And now, All you need to do is add the machine JIL definition to the cloud instance.

Please note that Agent and autosys version doesn't matter for enabling the above configuration.

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