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Probe Utility - remote robot to get a probe from the distsrv


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Probe Utility -  remote robot to get a probe from the distsrv


UIM 9.x or later


Probe Utility can instruct a remote robot to get a probe from the distsrv:
"\Nimsoft\bin\pu.exe" -u administrator -p <admin_pass> -H inst_request cdm /<UIM_domain>/<Server01_hub>/Server01/distsrv

or you can leave a request.cfg file at "\Nimsoft\request.cfg" on the destination machine and restart the robot at this destination machine with this content:

<distribution request>
</distribution request>

Access to distsrv should work through tunnels and hub cascades.

Another Example:

pu.exe -u administrator -p xxx /domain/hub/robot/distsrv job_add "" "" "logmon" "4.12" "/domain/hub/target_robot" "0" "1575388800"
The last parameter is the start date/time for the install; can be coded as "".

Additional Information

If you do only "pu.exe <address to probe> <command>", it will ask you the parameters (in the same order as Probe utility GUI displays them. There you can see the required fields, which I have added as arguments to the command in my example.

archive_list is another command, "job_add" is the one you need. Archive_list with probe as a parameter displays some information about the package in archive, if it exists. It was just to verify that the package with correct version exists in your remote distsrv.

Basically the command should work if you have all the packages in the correct archive.

Product Documentation for command line: