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Improve DX NetOps Portal login time for large scale environments


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


A customer with a large DX NetOps Performance Management environment was experiencing slow Portal user logins.

The environment utilizes LDAP for SSO but it wasn't the problem. Testing LDAP login using the SsoConfig tool showed it was very fast. That leaves the PC Portal as the source of the slowdowns.

The environment is well resourced. CPU, RAM or other system and environmental resource related constraints were not playing a role.

The environment size is the problem as it relates to the tool and it's access processing. There are so many different Groups and other access rights to validate it takes 30-90 seconds to login.

Similar environments with smaller configurations don't show the problem. Logins there are fast.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


This is expected behavior from large scale DX NetOps Performance Management environments.


Enhancement Request was submitted to engineering via DE521648. The requests asks for an improvement to the speed for user logins in large scale environments.

Follow up with Account Management and/or Product Management using DE521648 as a reference for additional information.

Additional Information

Some environments have been found where user Home pages are set to use Inventory List Views or Inventory pages. These are highly resource and processing intensive searches that greatly slow down user log in response while building the page for display upon initial user login.

Changing the Homepage for affected users to a simpler Dashboard containing report Graphs without Inventory List Views resolves this in most cases.