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Questions about Active-Passive AE (non-stop) in 12.3 or 21.x


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CA Automic One Automation


We are about to upgrade our production AE to V12.3 (from V12.0), our current 12.0 has two AE servers, in an active-passive (Non-stop) configuration.

Since the license restrictions are now removed within the DB (around V12.2.2 I believe) it appears Active-Passive is no longer an option and we will need to go into an Active-Active configuration but we are not sure if we are entitled to do so with our existing license.

Can you please confirm my findings or describe the actual situation?


Release : 12.x and inferior ( prior to 12.2.2 and 12.3.0)


Architecture: Active/Passive (Non Stop Server WP processes)


Broadcom accepts the fact that due to the removal of the licensing module in 12.2.2. and higher, non-stop clusters can now be used as full Active-Active clusters.

Hence, you will be entitled to have an Active/Active architecture with the same amount of Nodes in versions 12.2.x, 12.3.x or 21.x

We strongly recommend doing this upgrade to version 21.x as 12.3 version will be out of maintenance in June 2022.