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Incorrect GAC version errors after upgrading ServiceDesk 8.6 and Workflow 8.6


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After upgrading to ServiceDesk (SD) and Workflow (WF) 8.6, the following error messages are seen in SD/WF LogViewer:

ErrorLine: Assembly 'Symantec.ServiceDesk.Im.Automation, Version=8.6.1032.1, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' uses 'Symantec.ProcessManager.WebServiceProxies, Version=8.6.1036.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=307367a36958bdad' which has a higher version than referenced assembly 'Symantec.ProcessManager.WebServiceProxies, Version=8.6.1014.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=307367a36958bdad' 0

Main confusion is that in GAC we have 8.6.1014 build, while in SD API folders we have 8.6.1036

If we replace the GAC library with the API library - it would produce different error (seems to be progressing, but failing on next library conflict)

Generally it seems that for custom projects/reports - the expected loaded libraries (from API is higher than existing GAC library).


ServiceDesk 8.6
Workflow 8.6


Succeeded to repro the problem by selecting the SD's instance of workflow installer for 8.6 upgrade (Workflow platform Installation step).

And here is the reason why: It seems like the entire workflow codebase will be 8.6.1014, which is not 8.6 RU1 at all.

The ServiceDesk installation path on NS


The correct steps to ServiceDesk 8.6 upgrade include:

1) download the standalone WF package from the Notification Server console menu Manage>Workflows 


2) Run the downloaded Symantec.Workflow.Setup.exe

3) Select "Upgrade"


4) After Installation of Workflow component, Download ServiceDesk installer MSI (under Settings > All Settings > Service and Asset Management > ServiceDesk > ServiceDesk) and skip the "Workflow Platform Installation" step (DO NOT press the ”Workflow platform installation” when installing/upgrading SD 8.6)
Note: In an Upgrade or new Install of SD, skip WF installation during SD Installation if requested. Service Desk has ITS OWN instance of workflow setup.exe. DO NOT USE IT


If you upgrade to ITMS 8.6 RU1, then just Workflow is the only piece that they need to upgrade on your ServiceDesk server. However, it is not necessary to upgrade Workflow. There is no ServiceDesk 8.6 RU1 version, so only Workflow 8.6 RU1 (standalone) piece can be upgraded.