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Can't connect to the database - Installation Error


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


While performing the installation of CA Service Management suite in Advanced Availability, database patching fails. In the configure.log we see this message:

11/23 14:03:56.544 INFO      598 Configuration progress : 12 out of 28 tasks completed.
11/23 14:03:56.544 INFO      558 Executing task# 13, task name : Applying patches
11/23 14:03:56.544 INFO              214 Running: Applying patches
11/23 14:03:56.560 INFO   353 Executing altArgs >sql_check_db -c  -s lab-srv-sdm-bg1 -o mdbadmin -d mdb -U mdbadmin -p <DB password> -n lab-srv-sql-v01<
11/23 14:03:57.169 INFO  ?                        ? Process D:\CA\SERVIC~1\bin\sql_check_db.exe completed with exit code 99
11/23 14:03:57.169 ERROR   607 Can't connect to the database.

We also tried to run the command:

sql_check_db -c  -s lab-srv-sdm-bg1 -o mdbadmin -d mdb -U mdbadmin -p <DB password> -n lab-srv-sql-v01

But this returns "ERROR: AHD50072:Unable to log in to SQL Server"


Release : 17.3

Component :  Service Desk Manager


We found that the osql executables were missing.

The SDM install database requirements can be located at:

In a SDM Advanced Availability Configuration, the database Client tools for Microsoft SQL Server are required on SDM standby server, background server, and application servers. This is because the setup uses osql, which Microsoft moved to the Client Tools package in recent releases.