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Search SDN Devices for inclusion in Global Collections


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance


This article outlines how to search for SDN devices, discovered through Virtual Network Assurance, for inclusion in Spectrum Global Collections.



Spectrum 21.2.x
VNA 21.2



From a Locater search, you can create a global collection as follows:

In the next screen click OK, give a name for the Global Collection, and click OK.
If you want to see the conditions or the model types are that are selected you can do so by clicking on the Search Options as shown below.



The above example was done for non-SNMP devices. In the same way, you could combine the condition to include SNMP devices. You can also modify the expression/conditions to further suit your requirements.




Additional Information

SDN routers and switches are not considered devices in Spectrum They are considered SDN Entities. There are a few reasons behind this as the actual devices come with a lot more intelligence.