Can't connect the gateway on Policy Manager after upgrade
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Can't connect the gateway on Policy Manager after upgrade


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After upgrading the gateway from 9.x to 10.x,  For the first time connecting the gateway on Policy Manager, it fails so that license cannot be installed.


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


This issue observed on some gateway systems, the root cause is unclear, the work around is,

1.  remove old license from database

login mysql ssg (on primary mysql node), run following mysql command,

mysql> DELETE from license_document;

mysql> commit;

(the commit command can be skipped if the mysql is configured for auto-commit -- the default setting of the mysql come with the appliance gateway, but for some gateway implementations using external mysql, we saw that the auto-commit is disabled, then manually commit is required)


2.  follow the instructions in the following document to auto provision the gateway 10 license,

(note: ensure set the file permission properly as per the document)

3. restart ssg

After restart ssg, the gateway 10 license should be auto installed, then the policy manger should be able to connect to the gateway server.