How can one change CCI connections dynamically without an IPL
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How can one change CCI connections dynamically without an IPL


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 Is it possible to dynamically disable the VTAM connections,  add new TCPIPGW NODES, and dynamically connect those new TCPIPGW NODES - WITHOUT an IPL, intending to stage the corrected CCCI**** members for the next IPL?


Release : 15.0

Component : CAICCI MVS


New SYSPLEXES were added to the environment and defined incorrectly.  Want to use CCI to propagate the passwords to the new environment.


Customer was able to find and correct the ACF2 propagation problems - was not a CCI issue but an internal issue.  Can make the changes/corrections dynamically through console commands with no recycle or change the CCI parms and recycle - will be picked up at the next IPL. 

    Two methods to accomplish this:

  • First use CCI Control Options sent to the console to remove unwanted definitions and add corrections.  
  • Does not require a recycle of CCI. 
    • To remove:
      • Use the VARY and REMOVE commands to VARY them inactive then REMOVE them  
    • To add:  
      • Use the NODE and CONNECT commands to define the NODES and CONNECT them to the new Sysplexes

    The second method is to make the changes to the CCI parms themselves and recycle CCI.  

Additional Information

Review the CCI Control Options listed in the r15.0 Common Services documentation