UnknownProbe alarms
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UnknownProbe alarms


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


UIM alarms are being generated with UnknownProbe. 

Error log:

The error will show up in the spooler log:
Nov 23 10:59:19:417 [3924] 3 spooler:  data  qos=QOS_DISK_USAGE_PERC source=  XXXX     target=C:\ sampletime=1637665159 sampletype=0 samplevalue=90.625617 samplestdev=0.000000 samplerate=300 samplemax=100
Nov 23 10:59:19:417 [3924] 0 spooler: could not get 'prid' from head PDS. Setting prid value to UnknownProbe

The problem is seen in the cdm probe log:
Nov 23 11:01:47:126 [3076] cdm: SetSources 
Nov 23 11:01:47:126 [3076] cdm: SetSources - group = no, alarm source = default, YYYYYY

This is the indicator of the problem. Spooler has the correct name, the probe has the wrong system name, and because they do not match there is a failure to generate the prid and so it is posted as UnknownProbe. 



Release : 20.3



The spooler detects the problem and reports:
spooler: could not get 'prid' from head PDS. Setting prid value to UnknownProbe

Also from the spooler log, after the met_id= value there should be a prid= which is missing. 
This can be seen in DrNimBUS with the 'Show Header' box checked. 

The problem was the probe had a configuration setting to use a different system name for the source.  


Correct the probe configuration so it is not specifying a different system than it is running on. 

Additional Information

In the spooler log get the value for 'source='

from the probe log look for 'QoS source =' or an equivalent value displaying the source name used.


Another Use case

UIM - Disk Alarm is generated even though the Disk is unchecked