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Encryption Management Server virtual machine boots to ISO media


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Encryption Management Server Gateway Email Encryption


When Encryption Management Server is running as a VMware virtual machine, it is important to ensure that the virtual machine does not boot to the installation ISO media instead of the hard drive. If the virtual machine boots to the installation media, pressing the Enter key will start the installation procedure and reformat the hard drive.


Symantec Encryption Management Server 10.5 and above running as a VMware Virtual Machine.


In order to upgrade Encryption Management Server using an ISO file, the file needs to be mapped to the virtual CD/DVD drive and the boot order changed in order to boot from CD/DVD rather than hard drive.

Pressing the Esc key in the VMware Console at boot time loads the boot menu and allows you to boot from the CD/DVD drive once. Pressing F2 makes a permanent change to the boot order. However, there is very limited time available to ensure that the VMware Console has focus and then to press the Esc key or F2 key:

In the Virtual Machine settings there is an option called Force BIOS setup that forces BIOS to be loaded at the next reboot. This allows you to change the boot order and give the CD/DVD drive a higher priority than the hard drive. However, this change needs to be reversed after the upgrade is complete:

Other options to avoid booting from the CD/DVD drive include disconnecting the CD/DVD drive and not connecting it at power on:

Mapping the CD/DVD drive to the host device rather than an ISO file will also prevent the virtual machine from booting to the installation ISO: