How to launch SFTP and FTP UPROCS in Dollar Universe
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How to launch SFTP and FTP UPROCS in Dollar Universe


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We have a requirement where some Nodes need to run FTP/SFTP UPROC. How can we configure DU nodes to allow us to use FTP/SFTP UPROCS on same node conditionally?


Release : 6.x

Component : CA Automic Dollar Universe  


The DU nodes by default works on FTP, to configure SFTP. Please follow the document and configure Dollar Universe – FTP settings

The Dollar Universe FTP settings variable are of type dynamic and hence it can be updated in the node variables, management unit variables, Uproc variables and in the Uproc script (with this priority order, the most important being the script).

Example: If you have SFTP configured in Node FTP settings you can update/overwrite the same at UPROC level for a UPROC to execute using FTP. Below are sample steps to achieve same.

1: Open and edit UPROC you want to run using FTP

2: In the UPROC under variable update the required values of variables (available variables U_FT_SFTP, U_FT_SFTP_PRIVATEKEY, U_FT_SFTP_PUBLICKEY, U_FT_SFTP_PASSPHRASE, U_FT_PORT, U_MAX_BUFSIZE, U_SRVRESP_TIMEOUT, U_FT_GET_DIR_FAILOVER)  from FTP settings. Example below update the U_FT_SFTP =N

3: With above configuration this UPROC will be execute using FTP and not SFTP


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