Error : Cannot load when starting Web Agent
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Error : Cannot load when starting Web Agent


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder) SITEMINDER



When starting Web Agent on Apache, this one doesn't start and reports
error :

  myuser@myhost bin]$ ./apachectl start 

  httpd: Syntax error on line 73 of /opt/apache/2.4.51/conf/httpd.conf: 
  Cannot load /opt/CA/webagent/bin/ 
  into server: 
  cannot open shared object file: 
  No such file or directory



Web Agent 12.0SP3CR11 on Apache 2.4.51 on Linux;




Web Agent 12.0SP3CR11 is not supported with Apache 2.4 as per Support
Matrix (1)

Upgrade the Web Agent to 12.52SP1CR11 or higher in order to solve this
issue (2).

The Web Agent 12.0SP3 has only the library for Apache 2.2, which is
reported in the error line :

The Web Agent 12.52SP1CR11 and further version will bring the library which is compiled against the particularities of Apache


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    SCA SiteMinder 12.0 Includes updates for base release and all later CRs/SPs for this release Platform Support Matrix


    SSO WEBAGENT R12.52 SP01 CR11 [#2820]