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GSS 3.x - Ghost Image file modified using GhostExplorer might fail during deployment


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Ghost Solution Suite


Image has been captured using Ghost with the standard command line. And after the image was captured, it was required to add some additional files to the image.
The image might pass the integrity check. But during deployment, it fails at 99% with "Bad Image Header Expecting Type4 (421)" error or "Image file corrupt [360] (487)".


Ghost binaries build v12.x.x (GSS 3.2 and 3.3)


Currently known product limitation

Seems to be mainly affecting BIOS (MBR) images, rather than EFI(GPT), and mostly reported with Single-Partition image.


Issue is not always reproducible. It's currently under review by engineering and expected to be resolved in coming release of GSS 3.3 RU9.

Tech Support generally does not recommended to modify images and if possible avoid this step.

It's highly recommended to use product functionality (Ghost Solution Suite) and copy/add files to the target machine using additional tasks/scripts after image has been deployed.

Or when imaging is performed using Ghost Standard Tools version, then have additional scripts added which would be executed based on requirements.