Datacom startup option customization for CA 7 AXDATIN1/AXDATIN2
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Datacom startup option customization for CA 7 AXDATIN1/AXDATIN2


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DATACOM - AD CA 7 Workload Automation


We are migrating CA7 from R11.3 to V12.1, and installed Datacom 15.1.

Please advise what Datacom startup option parameters in AXDATIN1/AXDATIN2 should be used to improve the performance for CA 7. 


Release : 15.1

Component : CA Datacom/AD


The CA 7 recommended Datacom options are documented in section CA Datacom/AD MUF Startup Options for CA 7 under section Configure CA Datacom/AD for Use with CA WA CA 7:

The options are specified in these members of the CUSMAC library for the MUF:

These members correspond to the CA WA CA 7 Edition CAL2OPTN library members:

These CAL2OPTN members have the option settings that CA WA CA 7 Edition needs. If you are dedicating a MUF solely to the service of CA WA CA 7 Edition, replace:
  datacom-CUSMAC(AXDATIN1) with ca7-CAL2OPTN(AL2MUFS1)
  datacom-CUSMAC(AXDATIN2) with ca7-CAL2OPTN(AL2MUFS2)

If CA7 and Datacom are running in different LPARs then a change needs to be made to these options to enable XCF. See article 204763 which explains how to do this.