Generate Legacy Reports - Take a long time
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Generate Legacy Reports - Take a long time


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CA Identity Suite


The customer is trying to generate a Legacy Report's "Full Certification Report" but it takes a long time.

The Identity Governance is in a cluster environment and when the user tries to generate a legacy report the web page shows the error message:

"The page XXX.XX.XXX.XX has rejected the connection."


When the XXX.XX.XX.XX is another Identity Governance node


Identity Governance 14.x

(Virtual Appliance or On-premise)


The reports.baseUrl parameter was pointing to a specific Identity Governance node


  • Open Identity Governance UI
  • Click on the menu Administration > Settings > Property Settings
  • From the "Filter Properties Keys Containing" field, type reports.baseUrl
  • Edit this property
  • Set the Property value with the Load Balance IP address and also set “sessions stickiness”.
  • Select Type "Database Property"
  • Click the Save button