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Cost Plan Populate from Investment Team showing incorrect units


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Populate from Investment Team when grouping by transaction class and resource class is not giving me the expected results.

In this example there is only one role that matches this grouping, however when I compare the ETC for that role the cost plan shows more units.

Note there are no actual units for this role.



When populating from team the rate matrix matches the Project Role not the Primary Role.

If there is a resource that has a different project role than their primary role the rate matrix will use this when calculating for the cost plan.

In this case there was a resource whose project role has the same transaction class and resource class, therefore these units/costs were added to that grouping in the cost plan.



If possible, create a new cost plan including the resource (resource/role/transaction class, resource class) so you can see all the details.

Or, make sure that you are checking the project role information.

Note that if populating from tasks, the assignment level details are used. So if a resource has a different role on the assignment you will need to check that role.