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Incident Management Timeouts and Escalations do not trigger Despite Being Configured Correctly


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IT Management Suite


In Workflow customer has created a project with timeouts and escalation.

Picture WF1

Project works in debug mode, but when the project is published none of the timeouts and escalations are happening.



Workflow 8.6


On publishing Windows Authentication was selected as Authentication type.

When we publish the project the IIS creates web app requiring windows authentication. 



There are 2 methods for addressing this issue. 

Option 1: Change authentication method to use Anonymous Authentication. This is the typical authentication method. If a project needs authentication using one of the authentication components inside the project is used. 

Option 2: If Windows Authentication is required it will require providing HTTP Authentication (username & password) to be configured in Server Extensions.

Username and password configuration reside in the "Server Extensions Configuration" Tool.

"HTTP Authentication" is not checked by default.


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