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Issue xogging in transactions


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We come across the following error while trying to xog in a transaction.

    <Description>[Error] :1:1: unexpected attribute "projectName"
 Invalid attribute in input document. Please remove all instances of attribute from document elements and try again.
 [Element : Transaction, Attribute : projectName ].
    <Exception type="java.lang.Exception">Invalid xml data</Exception>


Version: 16.0.0


projectName attribute cannot be used while xogging in a transaction.


Unlike many other XOG APIs, for Transactions, there is a difference in the tags that are provided during a XOG Read operation, and those that are accepted during a XOG Write operation. The template for each of these operations is as below:

XOG Read - imp_transaction_read.xml

XOG Write - imp_transaction_write.xml

These template xml files can be found in the XML folder of a XOG Client.

projectName is not a tag that is part of the imp_transaction_write.xml template. The XML structure being used when this error gets thrown, needs to be modified to strictly conform to the imp_transaction_write.xml file.

Additional Information

There is documentation present to provide guidance on the templates that need to be used for specific XOG operations.