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GEL Script failing after v16.0 upgrade


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Since the upgrade to v16 from v15, the process is failing with the below error message

BPM-0704: An error occurred while executing custom script: org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException: null:335:104: <core:invokeStatic> Could not load class: org.apache.cxf.helpers.IOUtils. Reason: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.cxf.helpers.IOUtils at org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.core.InvokeStaticTag.createLoadClassFailedException( at org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.core.InvokeStaticTag.doTag( at at


This is an issue with the GEL script - specifically with this below piece of code. 

    <core:when test="${ppmVersion.startsWith('15')}">
      <core:set value="" var="utilClassName"/>
      <core:set value="org.apache.cxf.helpers.IOUtils" var="utilClassName"/>

Since the ppmVersion starts with 16 now, the code goes to the else block and initializes utilClassName to org.apache.cxf.helpers.IOUtils while in 15.9.3 it got initialized to is available in 16.0.0 and the script developers should fix the highlighted line to fix the issue.