How to Build an HCO command from Workbench
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How to Build an HCO command from Workbench


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When having trouble checking out files in Workbench, sometimes it helps to use the "hco" command line utility so that extra network tracing can be added to the log file.  But, all the options in the "hco" command can be confusing.  How can the command be built using the information you see in Workbench?


Release : 13.0.3 and up

Component :


So, you could start with this example and fill in the details:

hco -b <brokername> -en <project name> -st <state name> -br -op pc -vp "<the From: field>" -cp "<the To: field>" -r -s "*" -tr -prompt

The log file will be named “hco.log” and is in your current working directory. 

On Windows: type hco.log

On Linux/Unix: cat hco.log

Additional Information

More information about the hco command can be found here: hco Command-Check-out