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Disk Image Capture Stored on Site Server Instead of Notification Server


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Client Management Suite


Disk Images are capturing on the Site Server while they are configured to get captured on the Notification Server (SMP Server).

Until recently all of the captured disk images (several dozen) have been captured to and stored on the SMP (Symantec Management Platform) Server and then distributed to various Site Servers.  The last two disk image captures were captured to and stored on a Site Server and were not available on the Notification Server.  I need to change this back. 





After extensive troubleshooting and review of site server, site, and subnet configurations, we traced the issue to the Notification Server being in the Default Internet Site. This site is used for Cloud Enabled Management, which was in use. 

Other possible reason:
If there won't be enough space on the NS, images would be stored on the site servers.


Remove the Notification Server from the Default Internet Site in Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings > Site Management > Internet Sites > Default Internet Site

Please make sure to add more disk space to your SMP before capturing images.