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Invalid column name 'GITHASH' while CheckIn


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


A problem is reported while CheckIn items after upgrading to SCM Harvest 14.x

---------- Begin  <CheckIn Items>  Process ---------------

E03020003: Database error [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'GITHASH'.


I00060079: Check in summary: Total: 1; Success: 0; Failed: 0; Not Processed: 1.

E03060019: Process Execute failed. Process Name: CheckIn Items.

---------- End  <CheckIn Items>  Process ---------------



Harvest SCM 14.x


The MS SQL Server Database patch was not installed or not properly installed.


When applying the v14.0.1 patch, there is a DB patch that needs to be applied along with it.  

On the “Install CA Harvest SCM 14.0.1” page, there’s a section “Microsoft SQL Server Database” that describes how to run the script that updates the database.

Microsoft SQL Server Database

Perform the following steps after installing CA Harvest SCM 14.0.1 on Microsoft SQL Server Database:

- Navigate to the %CA_SCM_HOME%\Database folder.
- Run the Models_SQLServer_V1401Patch.sql file.
- The required table to be used with V14.0.1 is created.

Sample Formulation
Osql –d <database name> -i  <sqlfile> –U <user name> -P <user password> -e –b –o output.log

If this is still not working, please use the following procedure:

- Open SQL Server Management Studio and click “Connect”
- Select File -> Open -> File
- Navigate to %CA_SCM_HOME%\Database folder, select file “Models_SQLServer_V1401Patch.sql” and click “Open”
- Ensure the “harvest” database is selected instead of “master” and click “Execute”.