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Unable to install APMIA SysEdge agent on AIX 7.1 with Exit Status 127


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CA Virtual Assurance for IM


./ install sysedge produces error ./  not found 

Host Monitoring Agent Installation is Completed with Exit Status as 127.   If exit status is non zero please check APMIA_install.log


Release : APM Infrastructure Agent



1. Untar the casystemedge-*-aix-x64.tar.gz present in the apmia folder

2.Navigate to the CA_SystemEDGE_Core and update the to ksh

3. Untar the SystemEDGE.pkg with the command (tar -xvf SystemEDGE.pkg)

4. Go to the apmia folder and copy the SystemEDGE using command (cp -r CA_SystemEDGE_Core/SystemEDGE .)

5. Go to SystemEDGE folder and create a soft link created soft link with the command (ln -s /opt/apmia/SystemEDGE/bin/CA-SystemEDGE sysedgectl)

6. Edit CA-SystemEDGE present in /opt/apmia/SystemEDGE/bin ( eg: SYSEDGEDIR=/opt/apmia/SystemEDGE DEFAULT_PORT=1691)

7. Edit /opt/apmia/SystemEDGE/config/ ( data_directory '/opt/apmia/SystemEDGE/config/' default_port 1691)

8. Navigate to /opt/apmia/SystemEDGE/bin and start the sysedge with the command (./sysedgectl start)