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Stopped Polls by Device View in Performance Management Portal


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Stopped Polls by Device View is a count of TOTAL stopped polls.

If we fix a system that was reporting many stopped polls how do we remove it from the list in the report?

We need to find the devices with stopped polls over the last day, week, month.

There Total count of stopped polls seems of little value because the list never changes.

We have devices with Thousands of stopped polls.  So they will never clear even after a year of being fixed.

How can we get a useful Stopped Polls by device over a time range?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The "Stopped Polls by Device" View is included in the OOTB System Health -> Data Aggregator Polling Dashboard. It represents, per device, the "Number of Polls Stopped Due to Prior Timeouts".

Some rules to follow when viewing this report for resolving devices having polling problems. The following is based on the report covering the default Last Hour time frame unless otherwise specified.

  • It is a Table/Bar chart where each entry represents the total of Polls Stopped over the specified time period. For Last Hour that is 12 poll cycles from a 5 minute poll cycle.
  • For example with a device showing 12000 entries for an hour it might mean there was 1000 stopped polls across all the devices items in total per 5 minute poll cycle for a total of 12000 in the Last Hour time frame.
  • Deleting a device will remove it from the report within 10-15 minutes.
    • After the delete is performed a sync from DA to Portal to remove the device from Inventory has to take place.
    • After the DA sync is completed a Global Sync is needed to remove it from other locations and complete the deletion.
    • After the DA and Global Syncs complete post device deletion re-run the report and the deleted device is removed.
  • The View works same as any other and will change to represent the Group Context set.
  • If the cause for poIl errors is resolved it will take one hour for the device to be removed from the View against the Last Hour time frame.
    • In order for it to be removed from the report it would need 12 consecutive poll cycles where it has zero poll timeout errors. Only then would it be removed from the report.
  • Alternative: Run the report for a Custom Time Frame. Set it to cover the last 10-15 minutes.
    • If it's been 20 minutes since fixing the polling issues on the device, the report for the last 15 minutes should no longer show the device.