Unable to upgrade controller probe to 9.33HF5 for Redhat 8.2 & above versions
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Unable to upgrade controller probe to 9.33HF5 for Redhat 8.2 & above versions


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to uprade the robot to 9.33HF5 version on Redhat 8.2(above versions) and  noticed below logs in controller:

inst_pkg - warning, no compatible package sections found for package 'robot_update
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller:   machine:  x86_64 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller: Could not figure out what Linux version you are running! 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller: Please report the following system information to [email protected] 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller: System information: 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller:   sysname:  Linux 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller:   node   :  xxx.xxx.net 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller:   release:  4.18.0-305.19.1.el8_4.x86_64 
Nov 16 07:32:26:070 [139674835134272] Controller:   version:  #1 SMP Tue Sep 7 07:07:31 EDT 2021


  • Release: UIM 20.3.3
  • Component: Robot 9.33hf5
  • OS: RHEL 8.2


The current version of robot (which has to be upgraded) is not compatible with the OS.


For UIM Robot 9.33hf5, RHEL 8 is supported and minor versions are supported as well. RHEL 8.2 is supported.

The current robot 7.x is installed on RHEL 8.2, which is not compatible (though few customers monitor without any issues)

As the robot is not on a compatible version, the robot_update package is throwing errors when trying to upgrade to 9.33hf5.

Need to install freshly robot 9.33hf5 on RHEL 8.2

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