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Investment Specific Charge Codes not Showing in Task List Layout


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


SUMMARY: When Investment Specific Charge Code exists, while Browsing Charge Codes in the Task List for a Project, those investment specific are not displayed in the lookup. Only generic Charge Codes are displayed. 

However, if you go to the Task Detail page the Charge Code lookup contains both the generic codes as well as the investment specific ones.


1. Ensure that 'Enable Investment-specific Charge Codes' is checked in the Project Management Settings
2. Create a Charge Code, and associate the Charge Code to a specific Project
3. Open the same Project in the Classic UI. Go to the Task List
4. Click on the Charge Code attribute of a Task and go to the lookup field cell


Expected Results: The lookup should contain the Charge Codes linked to this project and any that are not linked to any project. 

Actual Results: The lookup only shows the Charge Codes not linked to any project. 

Workaround: Can go to the Task Detail page for the task and then to Properties-> Settings and the dropdown for Charge Code will contain both the Charge Codes linked to the Project and any that are not linked to any project. 


Clarity 15.9.3, 16.0


This is caused by DE63210 


This is fixed in 16.0.2

Additional Information

In 15.9.3, the investment-specific charge codes are not available for selection in the Modern UX Timeline grid. However, the charge codes are available on the Details pane. 

In 16.0 this is not an issue in Modern UX Timelines