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Custom UnixII Validation Script


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We would like to create a custom UnixII Validation Script.  We need to connect to a server via public/private key.  We have an example which uses the following function:

if ( protocolToUseForAuthentication.equals( Protocol.SSH2_PASSWORD_AUTH ) ) {

What is the corresponding function for ssh key auth?  Is there documentation for these scripts?


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PAM does not provide public documentation on the syntax used in target connector scripts, because the custom connector framework is the recommended option for connector customizations.


The condition to check on public key authentication is "if ( protocol.equals( Protocol.SSH2_PUBLIC_KEY_AUTH ) ) {...}"

We do not have public documentation on the syntax used in target connector scripts. If you have a need to customize scripts, please work with Services or bring it to the attention of PAM Support via a Support case so that we are aware of such activities and can engage Product Management as needed to see whether your customizations can be embedded in the default scripts in future releases.

Our recommended solution for customizations is the custom connector framework, which is documented on page Develop Custom Connectors for Remote Targets and pages under it.