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MDB Query to get Patches that are part of a specific manufacturer


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Patch Management console list all the available patches, showing fields like Manufacturer, which can be used as filter:

But trying to run a query against "ca_install_package" table (which holds patches managed by Patch Management), there is no "Manufacturer" field that can be used to run a more specific filter.


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In order to get the Manufacturer of a patch, there are few other tables that need to be used to compile all the information:

1.- On "ca_install_package" table there is a field called 'sw_def_uuid' that can be obtain after filtering for any specific patch:

2.- With this ID, it's needed to get the the actual software definition of the patch, which can be obtain on "ca_software_def" table. Here can be obtained the value of 'manufacturer_uuid':

3.- With the ID of the manufacturer, the actual name of it can be seen on "ca_company" table:

Using the above details as basis, a query can be built to get, for example, all patches from Google, which will look something like this: