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Resolving the "isolate - event. the client has failed to load the page and received an error" error, with downloading .msi file


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Web Isolation


When trying to download an msi file, I receive this error, why ?


Release : 1.14.50


In the configured download profile, edit and do a search for "msi" and you should a similar output as shown in the snippet below.

Ensure the set the policy action to "Allow". See the snippets below.


Some websites download certain media files in chunks. Web Isolation is unable to identify the file type of these chunks and therefore labels them as Unknown. If your unknown file type policy is Block, the media file chunks will be blocked. This might cause connectivity issues. For this download, we recommend to take the "Allow" action in the unknown file type policy, in the unlikely situation where allowing .msi does not resolve the issue See the snippets below.



The third option would be to deactivate AV scanning for the .msi file, and the created/configured download profile. In a particular use case, this resolved the issue.