API-1019 Creating a project from a template
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API-1019 Creating a project from a template


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Specific users are getting the following error when creating a project form template:

API-1019 : Could not process the request due to internal error.

This happens to users with limited access rights and when at project creation the user sets the Project Manager to be someone else than him/her 

The user does have Project View rights and Resource Book rights

app-ca.log file shows the following errors

ERROR 2024-04-18 13:05:49,795 [http-nio-8080-exec-90] niku.xql2 (clarity:myuser:18122034__:PPM_REST_API) Exception CopyProjectTasks.copyProjectFromTemplate()
com.niku.union.utility.MessageKeyException: PRJ-10012: Attempt to add/update record failed.
    at com.niku.projmgr.api.CopyProjectTasks.addTeamMemberToProject(CopyProjectTasks.java:1702)
ERROR 2024-04-18 13:05:48,018 [http-nio-8080-exec-75] niku.xql2 (clarity:myuser:18122034__:PPM_REST_API) EXCEPTION caught in CopyProjectTasks.copyODFCustomAttributes()com.niku.union.odf.exception.ODFValidationException: You do not have the rights to perform the action.


Any Clarity release


The user does not have permission to add team members to the target project


Grant the Project Edit All access right to the affected users or ensure the user is set as Project Manager at creation and change the Manager afterward.

To add resources as Staff, the user must have project edit rights.

Being a project manager of a project implicitly grants project edition rights. If someone else is to be set as a manager, then the user that creates the project must have explicit edit rights over projects for the project creation form a template to be successful

In 16.2.2 the toast message in MUX has been updated to:

PRJ-10007: You do not have the rights to add team members to this investment.

The app-ca.log file will show the following:

ERROR 2024-04-19 04:48:34,477 [http-nio-8080-exec-46] ppm.rest (clarity:myuser:5229024__72F0F980-51F3-4712-B5BB-B63969D9A712:PPM_REST_API) (376a15a5-437c-4433-8b74-9b877c230a73) AbstractInvestmentTemplateCopier ::  Exception while creating instance [name: aaaa code: PR2001 ] from template id [ 5000003 ]. Error code: projmgr.INSUFFICIENT_RIGHTS_TEAM Error Msg: projmgr.templateCopyFailed
ERROR 2024-04-19 04:48:34,478 [http-nio-8080-exec-46] ppm.rest (clarity:myuser:5229024__72F0F980-51F3-4712-B5BB-B63969D9A712:PPM_REST_API) (376a15a5-437c-4433-8b74-9b877c230a73) 
com.ca.ppm.rest.exception.AuthException: PRJ-10007: You do not have the rights to add team members to this investment.
    at com.ca.clarity.projmgr.template.AbstractInvestmentTemplateCopier.raiseException(AbstractInvestmentTemplateCopier.java:1125)