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CA 7 and Datacom Datadictionary


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DATACOM - AD CA 7 Workload Automation


With Workload Automation CA 7 12.1 installed in the environment, what kind of information is being written in CA Datacom Datadictionary

and the directory file CXX?

How often should a backup be taken?



Release : 15.1

Component : CA Datacom/AD

CA 7 12.1 


We explain in CA Datacom Datadictionary what this Datadictionary is ( databases with DBID 2 and 15) and when the directory file (CXX) is being updated.

Copying in here:

CA Datacom Datadictionary 
is a tightly coupled CA Datacom application facility. It manages and stores database structure definitions including predefined entities (or record types) and corresponding relationships. Interconnected by standard and internal relationships, the standard entities form the model for the database environment. This model assures that the format of the data stored in the database matches the expectations of a program.
As part of the Datacom/AD installation, the
CA Datacom Datadictionary
 has various CA Datacom system and sample databases defined in the 
CA Datacom Datadictionary
Each structured database is promoted from a TEST to PRODuction status and then cataloged from the 
CA Datacom Datadictionary 
to the CXX.
During the post-installation for many of the products that use 
CA Datacom Datadictionary
, your 
CA Datacom Datadictionary
 is fully populated with the definitions required by the product.
Therefore, you are not required to use any of the 
CA Datacom Datadictionary
online or batch facilities to customize it.

CA 7 jobs  AL2DCA20, AL2DCA30 and AL2DCA40 running DDUPDATE modify Datadictionary..

DDRTVCAT ,executed in AL2DCA30 ,catalogs the CA 7 data base structure found in Datadictionary to the CXX. 

The CXX contains the definition of the CA 7 data base in compressed format . Datacom cannot function without a valid CXX.  

DDTRSLM updates both Datadictionary and the CXX when importing CA 7 table structures.

DDTRSLM  runs in AL2DCA40 and AL2DCA70. 

Backup of the CXX and Datadictionary should be run after the initial CA 7  installation and before/after running the HOLD ACTION of any CA 7 PTF for which a rerun of a CA 7 installation job is required. 

This is what CA 7 recommends to do : Data Dictionary Backup