Undocumented message DB00819I on Datacom MUF joblog
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Undocumented message DB00819I on Datacom MUF joblog


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After applying some maintenance, the following messages started being issued on one MUF region:

DB00819I - BVM RQ/E 0 RQ/C 0 RQ/I 0 E-SEC 120 C-SEC 0.31 IO 237 RQ 7 TASKS 10

What does the DB00819I message mean?  What is turning it on?  How do I turn it off? 


Release : 15.1

Component : DATACOM/DB


Message DB00819I is driven by MUF Startup option BUSINESS_VALUE_METRIC_1 YES.


BUSINESS_VALUE_METRIC_1 is an undocumented MUF startup card, and it has been replaced by X_MSB_MSGS. It was probably suggested to add it by Datacom Sustaining Engineering to debug some previous problem.

You can remove the BUSINESS_VALUE_METRIC_1 YES card and then add the X_MSB_MSGS YES one, which produces the following documented messages:


Additional Information

See X_MSB_MSGS startup option for additional details.