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TMSCLEAN is taking much longer to run. Is there a way to improve this process?


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CA 1 Tape Management


Our TMSCLEAN job is taking longer to run now.  On a day-to-day basis (excluding weekends) it scratches around 45,000 tapes.  Before, it used to run under 3 hours with the scratching of about 270+ tapes per minute, but now it takes more than 7 hours and is scratching 100 tapes per minute.  Are there any parameters, techniques or changes that would improve the performance of TMSCLEAN?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The TS7700 microcode was recently upgraded from to


The TS7700 microcode upgrade is causing the TMSCLEAN performance degradation.  IBM indicates that this is a known issue with CMVC 92147 and will be fixed in 8.51PGA2.